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Oleotorres is a company that has been operating for more than twenty years in various activities, one of them being the collection, recycling and management of used cooking oil (OAU) from the catering industry, hotels and other producers of this waste.

Oleotorres was a pioneer in Portugal in this process of recovering cooking oils. Given the obvious environmental benefits resulting from this initiative, it had, from the beginning, the support and full collaboration of the Waste Institute (now APA – Portuguese Environment Agency), and is duly licensed by the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Environment, being included in the Official List of Waste Management Operators. It is the company authorized, in accordance with Decree-Law No. 267/2009, to provide this type of service in about 80 municipalities nationwide, for the collection of food waste in the household sector.

Oleotorres is currently partnered with several national sector associations, such as AIHSA, AHRESP, ACIF and AHETA. It is also a member of the RECIOLEO association, which supports and standardises managers of this waste sector, and is the only representative of this activity at the Ministry of the Environment and one of those responsible for the creation of DL n.º 267/2009.

At the moment the company is dedicated to the collection, transportation, transformation, treatment and reuse of various types of waste from different sources, such as OAU (used cooking oil), butter, margarine, chocolates, cork stoppers, individual used soaps from the hotel industry (an innovative project at European level), detergents, producing various recycled products, such as natural soap, decorative candles, biodegradable detergents, fats, biodegradable lubricants, etc.

Its positioning has enabled the company to benchmark its activities and, as a result of the highly competitive climate of the markets in which it operates, to keep up with the latest developments. The dynamism of its management and technical team, which is constantly seeking to differentiate the final product, has allowed it to create an image of reference in the markets in which it operates.
It is in diversification, innovation, traceability, improvement of collection conditions and quality of the final products that Oleotorres intends to concentrate its efforts to circumvent the strong competition it currently faces.

Increasing its presence in international markets essentially involves preparing a non-existent and alternative offer that opts for difference and becomes ever more competitive.
In this context, the implementation of a Quality Management System and ISCC sustainability certification, emerges as a natural decision, with the aim of achieving the desired levels of excellence in the company’s performance.



Mill bottoms recovery in olive oil stores – olive oil refining: handmade process (1st Generation – António Ferreira).


Purchase of refining masses for transformation into oleins.


Collection of animal fats in butchers and sausage shops for fat extraction.


ERAN Company, factory of by-products of animal origin for the production of meat meal and fats for the animal feed and soap industry (2nd Generation – Founding Partner: Diamantino Ferreira).


Creation of the company ANALITORRES – Laboratório de Análises Industriais, for the analytical control of products.


Beginning of the activity of collection, treatment and commercialisation of vegetable oils (2nd and 3rd Generation – António Ferreira’s son and grandsons).


Establishment of the company Oleotorres – Industria de recuperação de óleos de origem vegetal, comercialização, importação e exportação. Facilities consisting of a covered pavilion.


Start of OAU collection in restaurants and hotels in the Algarve. Later this activity will gradually extend to the whole of Portugal.


Manufacture of animal feed, Brand “Diamante”.


Enlargement of the Facilities, allowing the doubling of the covered area.


Licensing in Waste Management for used cooking oil and related products.




Protocol with AHRESP (Restauração e Similares de Portugal Association).


Pioneers in the domestic collection of OAU, in collaboration with the Oeiras Town Council (Oleões).


Extension of OAU collection to Madeira Island.


AIHSA Protocol (Hotel and Similar Industry Association of the Algarve).


AIHSA Protocol (Hotel and Similar Industry Association of the Algarve).


ACIF Protocol (Funchal Commercial and Industrial Association).


AHETA Protocol (Association of Hotels and Tourist Resorts of the Algarve).


AHP Protocol (Associação de Hotelaria de Portugal).


Registration of the soap brand “Sabão & Companhia”. Inauguration of the refinery for neutralising, bleaching and deodorising oils and fats.


Certificação ISO 9001:2008. Extensão da recolha de OAU a Cabo Verde. Comercialização de sabão e sabonetes naturais em Cabo Verde.


ISCC sustainability certification. Start of exports of treated vegetable oils, destined for the biodiesel industry.


ISO 9001:2015 Transition.


Certification of Organic Products