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Collection and Management Process

Collection Process

  • 01.

    Oleotorres provides the establishment with a bin for depositing used cooking oil.

  • 02.

    When the bin is full, the Oleotorres collection technicians, with national coverage, proceed to pick up and replace the sanitised bins.

  • 03.

    The full containers are transported to the Treatment Unit.

Care in Handling
  • Do not overfill the oil bin
  • Handle the oil bin carefully so as not to pollute the surrounding area
  • Do not pour hot oil straight into the oil bin
  • Use the oil bins exclusively for used cooking oil
  • Never pour mineral (motor) oil into the oil bin. 

Waste Management

  • 01.

    After sorting, the waste is carefully poured into an appropriate tank, passing through a mesh where pre-filtration is carried out.

  • 02.

    After pre-filtration, the waste is pumped to a decanter, where physical pre-decantation treatment is carried out. The waste is freed from water and solid residues.

  • 03.

    The decanted waste passes through a centrifugation equipment, where finally the clean waste is obtained.

  • 04.

    The clean oil is stored in tanks ready to be shipped or undergo a physical-chemical refining process.

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